Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello Again, Friend

The last time I wrote on a regular basis was almost a year ago, before I submitted my resignation from Gamer Limit. And really, even that gig wasn't about writing; it was about "community promotion."

So... really, the last time that I was writing on a regular basis was during college where I ghost wrote articles for the school paper when they needed filler, did movie reviews every month, and wrote comics for the paper and the web. And, when inspiration would strike, I'd jot out a poem or short story to post online for my friends and strangers to stumble upon.

But inspiration and I had a falling out... lately, she hasn't been returning my calls. And as more time passes, I've been getting worried that it never will.

So, instead of sitting around and waiting like some schmuck, I'm taking action. I will write. Even when no one reads it. Because eventually that arrogant bitch will catch wind of what I'm doing without her and get jealous. Hopefully, she'll come crawling back, begging for a piece of the action I've diligently sculpted without her help or fancy tools.

And when that time comes, I'll take pleasure in turning her ass down; cause who needs some ethereal bitch hanging from their nuts, anyway?

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