Monday, September 12, 2011

2D Design Projects, Part 1

School's in session and since I'm taking 4 studio classes, I'm putting out quite a bit of work lately. Since that stuff cuts into my blogging/writing time, I figured I would share with you what I've been up to and explain some of the concepts I've tried to execute on each.

Feel free to provide feedback and critique. That's why I'm sharing these with everyone on the internet. If I didn't want/need feedback, then each of these would be selling for rediculous amounts and I could drop out of school and do this for a fucking living.

But since no one is throwing money at me, I'll assume that I'm still learning and can use some feedback.

Caligraphy Name

In our first project, we were asked to find our name written in a different language and create a design out of it. I liked the look of "Mark" in urdu a lot because it already looked kinda like flames, so when I committed it to watercolor paper with ink and brush, I stretched it upwards, watered it down in sections, and tried to make it look "flaming" (hahah!). Since it's hanging up in the hall now, I assume the prof liked it.

Line Project

In our second project, we had to use grayscale paper to cut out shapes from the black pages and rubber cement them onto the white pages. There were 4 specific assignments... the first was to use only horizontal and vertical lines. So with that one I tried to design it so when your eyes focus on the white area, the black seems to vibrate, and when you focus on individual black areas, it creates a sense of depth.

The second was to use only diagonal lines... I played with a lot of different things and then jokingly laid it out to make an envelope. I liked it though, so I stuck with it.

The third was to use curved lines. I kept it simple and tried to make it pull your eyes around the black space in a swirly motion. I also think it turned out looking sorta like a woman's body. And if you turn it 90degree's it looks like a face (eyebrows/brow and mouth are in black).

The fourth and final one was to use all of these shapes in one image. I went back to the flames idea I did for my first project and made a fireplace. It's not as strong of an image when turned on its sides but I think when its right-side-up it is pretty strong.

Calligraphy Alphabet

Most recently we were asked to design something by using the alphabet... with ink on watercolor paper. One of my freelance designs is using words to create a tree, so at first I thought about doing that. But after doing a bunch of various thumbnails, I decided to go with a tornado. Not only could I have fun and be messy again, but it's such a Kansas thing... and that's where I am, so why not.

I think the splatters and smears really finished off the piece by giving it a sense of motion/movement. I thought about trying to create more of a swirl with the smearing, but in the end I think it would have been too much to look at and process. 

Thanks for looking this all over and please give me some feedback if you have the time. Even if its just that you like or dislike certain ones, that would be awesome. Just try to explain why so I can get a sense of what is working and what isn't. Thanks again and there will be more soon (not just from this class, but the other 3 as well).

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